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Volleyball Swimsuits

Volleyball is a very fast paced and action packed game. It is played by both guys and girls equally, everywhere from the Summer Olympics to the beaches all over the world. It is played both indoors on hardwood floors by grammar school age children straight through the college years. My son is in a college fraternity they just recently had a Swamp Bowl, where they played volleyball in the gooey mud that was supposed to be in resemblance of a Louisiana swamp. They had a blast trying to serve and hit the ball back over the nest all the while trying not to fall on their faces in the mud.

Last but not least, of course there is the almighty favorite beach volleyball. Now this is a very interesting little game here and what are so interesting about it are the volleyball swimsuits that are worn to play the game in. Since it is a summer game, it is played in pretty intense heat, and of course the game by nature involves allot of moving around the court to return the ball to the other side, so you can break a sweat very easily in this game. So, what is the proper clothing attire to wear to play beach volleyball? Well, I am guessing that a volleyball swimsuit would be the perfect choice in this one.

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